Alphabet Letter Sounds | Uppercase Letters | ABC phonics
Lotty still loves ABC phonics trains! In this ABC kids reading lesson, we take a ride on the Alphabet Letter Sounds train full of animals. This adorable ABC phonics train will first teach children the name of each letter. Once Lotty calls out the uppercase letter name, she then says the ABC phonics sound that the letter makes along with the animal name that starts with that letter. This video is very similar to ABC reading lesson number 5. However in this lesson, uppercase letters are used so that children can learn that capital letters make the same sounds as their lowercase counterparts even though the letters look different. Alphabet letter sounds are the foundation for ABC phonics reading. Your child should have an excellent grasp of the sounds of the entire 26 letter alphabet before moving on to letter blending and word building. This video is an introduction to these ABC letter sounds, later lessons teach vowel sounds.

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Learning Capitals and Lowercase

Lotty sings the alphabet song and shows the difference between upper and lowercase letters.

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