PHONICS A to Z for kids - Alphabet Letter Sounds
This adorable kids animation teaches the Phonics A to Z letter sounds! Kids can learn all of the phonics letter sounds with a picture to go with each letter. Perfect for learning the full English alphabet. Learn all of the phonics a to z letter sounds from, A is for apple… all the way to Z is for zebra. Toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners will love learning all of the fun and different phonics A to Z letter sounds, along with a word that starts with that letter sound! This video teaches the complete phonics a to z in a fun and simple way. Simple, repetitive learning videos are a great way for Babies, Toddlers, and Kindergarteners to learn the entire phonics a to z letter sounds. They are also great for Daycares to play in the background throughout the day. This phonics a to z lesson is a perfect way for children to memorize the letter sounds! Repetition in children’s learning is the key to letter sounds success. Hope you enjoy our phonics a to z letter sounds lesson! Thanks for watching. please leave a comment.

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Learning Capitals and Lowercase

Lotty sings the alphabet song and shows the difference between upper and lowercase letters.

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