Free Apps!
Lotty Learns has FREE apps that give children a fun and interactive way to learn! Our apps are designed to reinforce concepts within our program. This approach is proven to strengthen memory and build a better reading foundation.
Addition Flashcards

Convenient addition flashcards on your portable devices!

You and your child can use this app to review additions everyday in place of a bulky paper one. Works great in home or classroom setting.

⚪ Start from 0+0 all the way to 10+10

⚪ Shuffle flashcards to make it more fun and challenging

⚪ Answer button for a little extra help or confirmation

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Lotty Learns ABC

Join Lotty and her lovable friends Fuzz, Chuck, and Chip as they go on a reading adventure. This app features an ABC train, letter puzzles, and a letter recognition game where your child gets to feed specific letters to Chip.

⚪ ABC Animal Train

⚪ Letter puzzles

⚪ Feed Chip cupcakes

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Sight Word Flashcards

Flashcards of 1000 high frequency sight words for preschool to 5th grade.

Give your child a head start in reading by learning the most commonly used words by sight. Use the app everyday to encourage the child to memorize and recognize the words as a whole.

⚪ Easy to use app by simply swiping to view the next flashcards

⚪ Include 1000 common words separated into 10 packs ordered by grade levels

⚪ Shuffle button to change the order of the words

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