Lotty Learns is a FREE Preschool reading program designed to give every child a jumpstart in their education. Our system is designed to let children progress through lessons at their own pace as they learn reading fundamentals in a fun and engaging way. Our wide variety of free lessons, songs, interactive games, and apps give children the chance to learn utilizing various teaching methods. Here at Lotty Learns, there is something for everyone.


Our program is built to teach initial reading concepts with instructional cartoons, then reinforce what is learned with interactive games, songs, and apps. Lotty and her lovable friends share a joyful and engaging way to build a strong reading foundation. Children will learn upper and lowercase letter recognition, letter sounds, vowel rules, phonics, letter blending, and sight words.


Research has shown that early exposure to reading concepts gives children an enormous advantage in all areas of education. We believe every child deserves the free gift of reading. No sign up, and no credit card required. With nothing to lose, start your child on the FREE path to future success today.